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The world in 3 languages

What does the future hold for the languages of the world? A discussion on how the
popularity of foreign languages is shaping a world.


Bilingual? you may have multiple personality disorder

Being bilingual might make us an entirely different person when we speak
the foreign language.


What language do you dream in?

The effects language learning has on our dreams and what dreaming in a foreing language


how to know when you have become bilingual

What to expect and not expect on the path to bilingualism. And how do we know we got


what we can learn from tiger parents

In favor of Tiger Parents and what we in the US can learn from them..


3 ways to use twitter for language learning

Twitter can be a powerful tool to help you learn a new language or practice your target


teaching bad english

Unqualified ESL teachers and schools are doing a huge disservice
to children learning English.


English summer camp: Its importance for ESL students

English summer camps can be an ideal way for your child to spend the summer, learn the language and have a blast while they do it.


ESL - 3 things to do right now to improve your English

ESL - Lack of time is the #1 excuse for not learning a new language. Here are 3 things you can do...


Five Things to Stop Immediately in the ESL Classroom

Some things might be hurting us and our students in the ESL Classroom. Here are 5 things to stop doing immediately.


Flipped Classroom and Language Learning

If you have anything to do with the Education Field, you’ve probably already been exposed to one of the latest and hottest topics in education -  a flipped classroom.


4 ways Hollywood movies help language learners

Hollywood movies can help you achieve your English goals. Here are 4 ways you can use
movies to improve language skills.


summer camps vs language camps

Language camps and subject-specific summer camps have come a long way to rival the camps of old. The line is fading and you should take advantage.


Is Winter Camp the new Summer Camp?

More and more international students are coming to the US during our winter
season for their summer programs.


Word Walls in the Language Classroom

Word walls are an effective tool when learning a new language. Here's why...