Daily English lessons

Children during class

We offer a high-end language experience where students improve their English through the process of immersion. Students have 2-3 hours of interactive English lessons each day in our classrooms. Lessons are taught through the method of acquisition and are interactive and fun. This ensures children will be engaged, participative and learning through fun!

After school,  the fun and learning continues as our evening teachers engage students in a "Building Connections" time.

4 excursions per week

Sea World during Summer English Camp

Lessons are followed by exciting and famous Southern California destinations like Disneyland and Sea World (see here a list of excursions we visit). Our 1-5 teacher to student ratio ensures child safety and maximum engagement with the students. Your child will continue to learn vocabulary throughout the day even at places like Universal Studios!

We have 3 to 4 excursions per week.



English camp accommodations

Students reside in family groups in the large home of an American family. This gives students a taste of both a camp atmosphere and a sense of what it's like to live in the home of an American family. We put very high value on students being together in small groups. This helps to build trust and friendships which are essential for language learning. 4-6 students stay with each family. Boys and girls reside in separate rooms.



English learning at attractions

Students learn English doing real activities for real reasons, making the English stick in the child's mind just like a native speaker. The combination of group instruction applied at a fun destination like Sea World or Universal Studios ensures that each student will use English all day each day and have a lot of fun doing so.