The Dangon Academy has produced an on-line class for people who are new to teaching ESL or are considering entering the field of ESL.

Homestay cooking

This is a crash course designed for those who do not have a degree in teaching. This course is ideal for people who are going overseas to teach English  in the Peace Corps or as a missionary, or simply as a way to see the world. This course is also ideal for people who may be volunteering to tutor or teach ESL, but who have received little to no training in best ESL teaching practices. 

This course has 12 short lessons, and covers language learning theory, lesson planning, and the bulk of the course focuses on effective classroom lessons and activities that you can start using today. You can access the full course here:

Full Course: Teach English as a Second Language

We've provided one of the lessons for free. We wish you all the best on your ESL teaching journey. You'll never be same.