Our program is a full English Immersion Program. Students will be engaged in fun and English lessons and activities all day. Our philosophy is that English is learned faster and is better retained when students use English for real purposes. 

Our curriculum has a heavy focus on growing listening and speaking skills in English. We don't teach through lecture, textbooks, or boring drills. Instead, we engage students in language games and activities using hands-on materials. Plus, twice a week, students will go on field trips which give them an opportunity to use their English skills out in the real world. 

In the classroom, students will have (4) 90-minute classes (with snack breaks and lunch in between). These are all English classes but use different disciplines to teach the language. These disciplines are: Art, Science, Literature, and Games & Logic. Our 1:5 teacher to student ratio ensures that students get lots of personalized language attention. 

The goal of our curriculum is for students to build confidence in using the English language for real purposes and to have a lot of fun while doing it!

For reference please see our 2019 weekly schedule below:

Weekly Schedule 2019